Montag, 11. Januar 2010

Politics is business

According to code of laws those people who are politicians of the country have no right to have another sources of income. That is what law says and that is how it has to be. But, it is likely that there is no such a country in the world where this law is not broken by at least one politician. Though, it doesn’t actually matter because politics is business itself. It used to be about ruling a country and it used to be about care after people of this country and their lives and their comfort, but those days are gone, today politics is about business and business interests of those who are the government of the country. Politics today has nothing to do with the care after people and it is about money and authority and the whole common political stuff. It is a business for people and it is a great business and that is why there are so much of those who fight for the right to get to the government. It is like they become immortal people when there and they don’t want to miss such a perfect opportunity. And no matter how many elections there are those people are always of the same kind.

Characteristics of a politician

The main feature of a person who was chosen to rule the whole country should be honesty, toughness and frankness. One should ne intelligent and skilful and he has to know what to do with this country. It has also be a person with great and at the same time hard heart. This person should be a blend of soft and hard. It is the perfect formula of a good politician. And all those features never depend on family status and on the whole social stuff people care about. The characteristics of a good politician common for people are far from those we were talking about and have nothing to do with the personal features if a person. See, in most cases people care about the marital status of a politician. They think if guy is married than he is a good guy. But marriage has nothing to do with frankness and intelligence. I mean if one is married it doesn’t mean that he never cheats his wife or do other bad things. And there are also those who cheat but they can be the most intelligent and brilliant politicians, though people will never vote for them. See, it is the private life of a politician people care about, and they shouldn’t be.

Donnerstag, 23. April 2009

The power of Politics.

Politics are an insanely powerful thing. There is the obvious power of politics. They are the vehicles that rules and regulations and rights are delivered and put into action. Politics can free or imprison a people or a country. People in politics have power as they are the people that propose these rules, regulations, policies and rights and then make the decisions that put them into action or that stall them or keep them from seeing the light of day. These are all evident ways that politics have power. The ways that shape the face of the world.

However, there are more subtle powers of politics. The powers that show themselves in living rooms while people sit around and discuss them. Politics evoke strong emotions from people. Emotions that make them act out in unexpected ways. Ways that tend to have domino effects by touching all the people that are around them. Politics make people do horrible and wonderful things. They bring out the best and worst in humanity. They have saved lives and taken lives. The amount of power that politics have can range from a lot to a little. Some things only have an effect on a small amount of people. Maybe it is just a group of people that are sitting around and talking about politics and one person get offended. Politics also have the power to affect a whole country of people by the changes brought by a policy change. The limit and range of politics are infinite and unique. They can affect a unknown number of people in unknown numbers of ways.

Mittwoch, 4. März 2009

Water Cooler

Water cooler politics can either help you or hurt you, and unfortunately you never know which it will be until after you participate in water cooler politics. It is a simple and unfortunate fact that water cooler politics always involves the tearing down of another person. As long as the object of the tearing down can be deflected to someone else, people will continue to tear down others in the office. It is a very competitive field out there and many people are operating on a fear reflex right now. In fact, water cooler politics are one of the places where promotions are made and lay offs are determined.

How do you avoid such politics and still keep your job safe? Only you can determine whether or not you can successfully avoid the typical day around the water cooler, but many employers notice who is disrupting the morale and who is keeping their nose to the grind. Maintaining a warm smile and a happy disposition in the face of those who might be attacking you at the daily water cooler meeting can also help keep you away from the dregs of water cooler politics. When people do not feel threatened by you they are less likely to tear you down and put your neck out on the chopping block. Doing your job diligently can make you appear threatening, but at the same time you can offset this with a warm personality. Somehow people don’t like to drag one through the politics of the game when they feel a genuine sense of warmth from them.

Montag, 2. Februar 2009

British Politics

Traditionally, the main role in the struggle for power in Parliament has two roles: to the beginning of XX century. Conservatives (Tories) - Party of big business and the aristocracy and the Liberals, reflecting the interests of medium and small capital in the first decades of the XX century. They were replaced by Labor - the Social Reform Party with a collective membership of trade unions.
A small number of seats in parliament are also two parties representing the interests of historical provinces: Scottish and Welsh. Despite the fact that in 80 years, in terms of the economy and the complexity of the social fabric of society, the number of parties has increased (because of right-wing Labor Party was made the Social Democratic Party), the main features of the electoral geography emerged as a result of the rivalry of two major parties. In northern areas, as well as in the centers of major cities is dominated by supporters of Labor, in the south, in rural and per-urban agglomerations - conservatives. In the elections in May 1997, after 18 years of Conservative government, a major victory with massive majorities Labor won.
Conservative Party - is one of the oldest political parties in the country. There at the end of the XVII century, and expresses the interests of the aristocracy of land and higher clergy, the Anglican Church. It should be in positions of individualism and free enterprise, decentralization and privatization of the economy.

In terms of foreign policy for the Conservatives has approach to solving the most pressing international problems. The party shares the concept of «nuclear deterrent», in favor of maintaining and upgrading nuclear capabilities Britain, the country's continued membership in NATO and the EU, while on the extent of British involvement in European integration processes in the party is still a serious rift.